Medical Aviation in Russia: Development Prospects

Medical Aviation in Russia: Development Prospects

Санитарная авиация в России: перспективы развития

The Russian medical aviation industry is developing quite rapidly. The old system on which it was based is now obsolete, and it is now time for a change.

What are the prospects and development strategies of Russian medical aviation? What needs to be done to improve the current situation? Let us turn to expert opinion.

State Project

The Russian Federation is currently implementing a state project called “Development of Air Ambulance Services”, designed to solve the current problems being experienced in the industry in the shortest possible time. First, the coherence of the system must be ensured. To do this, manufacturers of medical and aviation equipment, representatives of air carriers, as well as physicians and brokers must work together. This is a topical subject among the experts involved in the implementation of the state program.

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According to Director of the Aviation Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia Sergey Yemelyanov, implementation of the state project should be completed in 2019. The expert noted that the Russian government has allocated RUB 3.3 billion on this project, which will cover up to 90% of the costs directed towards the qualitative development of the Russian air ambulance system.

In particular, 59 Mil Mi-8 and Ansat air ambulance helicopters from Russian Helicopters are expected to be delivered by the end of 2018. It is noteworthy that the choice of Russian-made aircraft is a conscious decision, because they are ideal for use throughout the country, taking into account our territorial peculiarities.

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It turned out that the flight technical staff had long been familiar with their device, meaning they would not have to spend extra time on retraining. It is also important that the maintenance of domestic helicopters can be carried throughout all the Russian regions, which will help maintain the fleet in perfect operating condition.

What is Included in the Plans

The Russian State Project for the Development of Domestic Air Ambulance Services provides for a whole range of procedures aimed at modernising and developing the country’s medical aircraft fleet, as well as building ambulance facilities. In addition, under the project, experts will develop a regulatory framework that will be an important step in the development of air ambulance services in Russia.

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There are also current plans in the following directions: development of training mechanisms for personnel working in medical aviation liners; elimination of technical difficulties; elaboration of tactical details.
The state project is expected to lead to the long-awaited emergence of a unified medical aviation standard to be applied throughout Russia.


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