Advantages of Air Ambulance Services

Advantages of Air Ambulance Services

Преимущества санитарной авиации

The advantages of medical aviation should be obvious. Nevertheless, we have decided to devote a whole section to them and list the main advantages of flying on medical aircraft.


The main advantage of air ambulance is obviously its speed and efficiency. Using the fastest mode of transport, air medics are able to arrive at the emergency scene as soon as possible and provide the much-needed first aid to the victims.
Moreover, air ambulances can quickly deliver patients to the appropriate medical facilities, where they are given proper treatment.

Access to Remote Locations

Medical helicopters (or aeroplanes) allow you to get to the most remote corners of the earth that are otherwise inaccessible using other forms of transport, and rescue victims.

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Equipment Status

Air ambulance aircraft are equipped with special equipment for providing on-the-spot first aid mid-flight, which often proves life-saving. On-board is usually an intensive care unit, a medical ventilator, a stretcher and various types of medicines. All medical aeroplanes and helicopters are always under the command of a specialised doctor, who is in charge of the transportation process and determines the overall plan of action.
When every minute can cost a human life, air ambulance comes to the rescue. That is why, when it comes to human health, you should never think about budgeting, because health is the most important thing each of us has.


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