Mil Mi-8 Helicopter Enters the Altai Air Ambulance Service

Mil Mi-8 Helicopter Enters the Altai Air Ambulance Service

На Алтае на службу санитарной авиации поступил вертолет Ми-8

The news that was long-awaited in the Altai Republic finally became public: the Republic’s medical aviation service received a brand new 2016-release Mil Mi-8 helicopter. This was made possible thanks to the nationwide State Project for the Development of Air Ambulance Services.

The aircraft is equipped with a modern medical modular unit designed to fully provide the necessary medical care to patients mid-flight. And this unit can be used to save the life and health of not just one, but even up to two passengers.

What is included in the modular unit? Resuscitation equipment, an intensive care unit and a unit for monitoring the patient’s health status.

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На Алтае на службу санитарной авиации поступил вертолет Ми-8

Altai’s Air Ambulance Services

The Altai Republic, among other Russian regions, is participating in a Russian federal program under which are measures put in place to improve the methods employed in rendering timely medical care to dwellers of the country’s remote regions.
The project was initiated in 2017. Over the past year, the Republic’s medical aviation aircraft made 175 flights and managed to evacuate and assist 282 injured victims, among whom were patients suffering from strokes and heart attacks, the injured and mothers.

In 2018 (from January to June), Altai’s air ambulance services flew 47 times at the individual requests of its citizens, and provided assistance to 72 local residents, including infants.

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It should be noted that earlier, the capabilities of Altai’s air ambulance services were much narrower. Firstly, no special medical equipment was provided on-board; the doctors had to bring their own, which made the work very difficult. Secondly, the services were too expensive. Today, the situation has changed for the better.

Currently, Altai air ambulance services cover 190 settlements, with about forty of them located in hard-to-reach areas.


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