Air Transportation of Patients with Brain Lesions

Air Transportation of Patients with Brain Lesions

Авиаперевозка больных с поражениями головного мозга

Medical aviation comes to the rescue of patients with different diagnoses, including brain lesions. The transportation of such patients requires special care, because people who have experienced intracranial haemorrhage are particularly sensitive.

Delivery Points

Patients with brain lesions usually receive their primary treatment at general hospitals. Unfortunately, such hospitals often do not have a neurosurgical department. Such patients require immediate transportation to a neurosurgical hospital. However, the patients’ critical condition often makes transporting them over land extremely difficult and dangerous, and this is where air ambulance services come to the rescue.

These situations must be handled with the utmost care, otherwise, secondary ischemic brain lesions that could lead to catastrophic consequences cannot be avoided.

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Typical Errors in the Air Transportation of Patients

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid some shortcomings when handling seriously-ill patients. In any case, the patient should not be accompanied by only one physician; the air transportation of patients with brain lesions requires a full-fledged medical team. It is necessary to check that the patient is accompanied with all the necessary documentation, primarily the patient’s intensive care card and clinical report.

The patient should be provided with sufficient oxygen supplies during the flight, and on board should be all the necessary equipment for intensive care.

There are other common mistakes made during the transportation of severely-ill patients. In particular, physicians accompanying such patients may underestimate the pathophysiological changes and disorders associated with the physical exertion occurring during the air-lifting of the patient. The noise, pressure, acceleration and vibration levels should be kept in check. And artificial ventilation should always be provided whenever required.

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Full compliance with safety rules during the transportation of patients with brain lesions guarantees a successful flight.


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